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   Interview with the governor of Tomsk region on the new possibilities of local businesses in framework of the Customs Union.
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   The article "Principals of technology and equipment for electron-beam polishing of metal surfaces of the complex shape with a possibility for formation of surface alloys" published in Proc. of the Conference "Innovations of RAS – 2009". Tomsk. - November 2009. - pp. 357-362 [in Russia].
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   Paper "Equipment with the great future"// Komsomoljskaya Pravda - Tomsk. – 4-11 February 2010. - p. 27 [in Russia].
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   The final report "The development of a technology for formation of micron-thick nickel coatings on copper substrates by magnetron sputtering of the film followed by mixing with a pulsed electron beam in a single vacuum cycle" presented for government project with Foundation for Promotion of Small-Scale R&D Enterprises. Tomsk. - December 2009 [in Russia].
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   Repot "Electron-Beam Facility "RITM-SP" for Polishing and Surface Alloying on Complex-Shaped Surfaces" presented at the Siberian-Taiwan Forum. Tomsk. - September 2009. - pp. 211-216.
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   Article describing a pulsed electron-beam RITM machine // Prikhodnyi order. Tomsk. - April 2009. -p. 53 [in Russia].
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   A new device for metallic surface treatment developed in Russia // Materials Performance. - July 2002. -pp. 60-61.
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   Presentation of repot "Developing of Plasma-Based technologies at the institute of high Current Electronics" presented at the Seminar on Plasma Technologies for the Surface Treatment of Materials. Bresia (Italy). - November 2009.
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